Argaive - Intimate, Boudoir, Nude, Erotic and Fetish Photography in Montreal
Limited Edition Prints
The following images are available for purchase. They are 30x38cm (12x15") or 30x46cm (12x18") in size and printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper. Each is limited to fifty prints, signed and numbered. Numbers 41 to 50 are currently available for $250,00 each plus shipping and applicable taxes.

Although I don't have online sales for these yet, I can take orders over the phone and can accept Visa and Mastercard. Feel free to contact me if you'd like know more.

'Feeling the wind' (2011)
'Feeling the wind'
'Splish' (2011)
'Spank me' (2011)
'Spank me'
'Ms.Fitt & Ms.Take' (2009)
'Ms.Fitt & Ms.Take'
'Dream' (2010)
'Fast asleep' (2010)
'Fast asleep'
'Portal' (2010)
'Gams' (2010)
'Don't peek' (2010)
'Don't peek'
'Pinch me' (2010)
'Pinch me'
'Hmmmm?' (2010)
'Free' (2010)
'Unveiled' (2010)
'His'' (2008)
'Hers' (2008)
'Ms.Fitt' (2008)
'Litheness' (2007)
'Strength' (2007)
'Impressions' (2007)
'Bound' (2007)
'Chair 2' (2006)
'Chair 2'
'Pin-Up Girl 2' (2006)
'Pin-Up Girl 2'
'Painted Girl' (2005)
'Painted Girl'
'Yoga' (2005)
'Innocence' (2004)
'The Shadow' (2004)
'The Shadow'
'Zen beach' (2004)
'Zen beach'
'Beach Bum' (2004)
'Beach Bum'
'Collared' (2004)
'Cigarette Break ' (2004)
'Cigarette Break '
'Anticipation' (2004)
'Red Toga' (2004)
'Red Toga'
'Papasan' (2004)
These frames are made to measure for each print with a 5cm (2") double matte included. Available for an additional $100,00 plus applicable taxes.


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Limited Edition Prints